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The staff at this office is professional and welcoming every time. Their patient/customer care is fantastic and Dr. Therrien is great! I have suffered from neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder spasms and overall back discomfort since my early 20’s. I am now in my late 30’s. I’ve had MRIs, CAT scans, tried PT, XRays, they found a fused disc in my neck and attributed the pain to that. Coincidentally my pain started when I graduated high school and started working full time. Since then, I have spent 8+ hours a day on a computer 5 days a week. I never needed glasses in my childhood until around the same time. I went from a -1.25/-1.5 to -4.5/-4 in the span about 5 years until my vision finally stabilized. Two years ago, I had Lasik to get rid of my glasses. The surgery was ok and I was able to stop wearing my glasses but my eyes still strained a lot. My eyes were overcorrected during the surgery and I ended up a +1.25/+1 so now I need glasses again. Dr Therrien has the Neurolens testing and suggested that I give them a try due to the symptoms of eye strain and the neck and shoulder pain. I did the test, and Dr Therrien told me I’m a great candidate for the Neurolens. I ordered the glasses and I’ve been wearing them now for 3 weeks. I have to say that I am completely in shock at the relief in the level of pain I’ve experienced. It has gone from a constant nagging 3-5 pain to feeling some discomfort if i sit in the same position for more than an hour. It has been amazing not feeling the constant pain these past 3 weeks. I am still waiting for it to come back but so far it’s been great! I’ve strained my eyes for so long it became second nature. It is hard to describe the feeling, but it feels like I can finally see clearly without strain. I wish I had these 20 years ago instead of spending so much time in pain. Thanks Dr. Therrien!
Claudia C.

Just today after my visit I realized how long I have actually been a patient of Dr. Therrien and not just me, but my family of 5! We have been her patients since 2006! I have never nor would I ever think of going anywhere else. From day one Dr. Therrien has really been nothing but amazing, not just on her work but overall. Always taking care of us, always going above and beyond to protect our visual health and above all, educate us on our visual health. Besides her amazing work – her overall patience, care, understanding is beyond what you can find, there is not one single visit that she does not ask about my family or how I am doing. And lets not forget her staff, every single time you are welcomed with a smile, and with a “nice to see you again” and you are explained after every exam what is recommended for you, but never ever pushing anything to just get a sale, they truly care about your health and what is best for your vision, which is always good for a costumer. It just feels like family and we trust her work and her advice to no end.

My entire family and I highly recommend Dr. Therrien and Weston Family Eye care for any and all of your eye care needs. Her and her entire staff will truly take care of you. Thank you Dr. Therrien and staff for everything you have done for the Muller family!
Claudia M.

Dr. Therrien at Weston Family Eye Care is the most thorough, compassionate, and professional eye care provider and prides herself in providing excellent care!! Her staff is always courteous and professional. I highly recommend this office and have referred many highly satisfied friends and colleagues to them! True excellence in both care and professionalism!!
Vanessa M.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Therrien at Weston Family EyeCare for years! She is welcoming, experienced, and extremely professional. I would never visit another eye doctor.

First, the facility is clean and inviting. The front desk staff is knowledgeable and helpful. The insurance process is quick. (Of course this could vary on your type of insurance). After I dilated my eyes, I had some sensitivity to the light and the front desk girl helped me pick out glasses that would complement my face at an affordable price.

Next, the office has advanced technology and Dr. Therrien is clear with communicating what is the best prescription for your specialized needs.

I particularly chose to get the NeuroLens with my prescription because I have to use a computer for the majority of my day. WOW!!! What a change! No more headaches. No more dry, red, scratchy eyes. No more light sensitivity. No more neck pain. No more discomfort at the computer.

I highly recommend Dr. Therrien, her office, and NeuroLens!
Stephanie C.

My family and I have been going to Weston Family Eyecare for years. They are very professional and kind. You are treated like family here. I highly recommend Weston Family Eyecare for all of your eye care needs! They also have tons of amazing sunglasses here for adults and kids.
Emily M.

Dr. Jane Therrien and her staff are amazing. They are friendly, courteous and most of all they truly care about their patients. Dr. Therrien is very thorough with her exams and takes the time to explain everything. She not only helps you with your eyecare but your overall health as well.
Stephanie Q.

Very caring doctor ! Takes her time and really gets to know you. I’ve used her over 20 years the best!!!!
Christine C.

Dr. Jane Therrien is an amazing doctor!!!! Our family have benefited from her expertise for Moore than 5 years. My husband and I as well as our kids use her services and always look forward to the time we have our routine exams. She spends so much time with each of us and thoroughly examines the health of our eyes. Her care and recommendations are always welcome by us because we know she has the best interest in our family. She is very personable and answers any concerns we may have. My kids bombard her with questions and she is always pleasant and patient. I’m very content to know she is always ahead of the game when it comes to new technology and procedures in her field.
The staff is so friendly and respectful- the office is absolutely immaculate. !!!
I’m very confident to have the caliber of professionals and services at Dr. Jane’s office… Will keep coming back!!!
Raquel P.

Dr. Jane Therrien is such an empathetic and personable doctor. She offers amazing patient centered care and does an awesome job at educating me on the importance of each visit. Additionally, her staff is always friendly, supportive, and helpful. I thoroughly enjoy going to Weston Family Eye Care because it’s always a pleasant experience!
Amanda D.

Great choice in eye care! The staff is attentive and professional. Dr. Therrien cares about her patients and is very thorough with the exam. They also have an amazing selection of eyeglasses. I highly recommend Weston Family Eye Care.
Sabrina E.

“Ive seen many doctors in my time. However, none have shown as much warmth, compassion, and enthusiasm as Dr. Therrien. It wasn’t just the doctor, everyone that works there was kind, and showed a high level of care. I’m already trying to get my family and friends to go. I cant wait to get my new pair of glasses!”

– Carlos R.

“Dr. Jane Therrien is such an empathetic and personable doctor. She offers amazing patient centered care and does an awesome job at educating me on the importance of each visit. Her staff is always friendly, supportive, and helpful. I thoroughly enjoy going to Weston Family Eye Care because its always a pleasant experience!

— Amanda D.

“Last week I went into Weston Family Eyecare to adjust my glasses. Despite the fact I had not bought my glasses there, Betsy was friendly, helpful and so kind. She adjusted my glasses to perfection, and did not charge me a dime. Nice environment, helpful staff. A refreshing breath of fresh air. Thank you Betsy. Highly recommend.”

— Steven K.

“Love this office, Dr Therrien is always on target, accurate with her recommendations and considerate of your needs. Love my new contacts. Precision 1. They are comfortable all day. Excellent vision!”

— Lisa W.

“We really enjoy going here now for like 3 years and my daughter got her Ortho K lenses the works amazing!! My daughter it’s 12 years old and she feel really happy and comfortable wearing it! Really safe recommend it.”

— Michelle P.

“It was a great experience, the staff and specially my doctor were caring and answered all my questions, thank you for the excellent care that I received. Thank you!!”

— Jesse M.